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You’re probably familiar with the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive.” Well, that sentiment definitely holds true when it comes to blood donation. Giving blood not only helps those who need it, but it’s also a simple way to make a real difference in someone else’s life.

As if that weren’t incentive enough, there’s now an app that will make donating blood even easier. SONU FOR YOU is an app that was created specifically for blood donation. It helps you find nearby donation centers, schedule appointments, and even track your donations.

If you’re thinking about donating blood, SONU FOR YOU APP is perfect to help you out. It makes the process quick and easy, so you can rest assured knowing that your donation is helping someone in need.

Who Is Sonu Sood?

You may or may not recognize the name Sonu Sood, but you’ve definitely seen his work. He’s a popular bollywood actor who has starred in over 70 movies.
Sonu is also a passionate advocate for timely blood donation. He knows firsthand how important it is to have a healthy blood supply, as his mother needed blood transfusions during both of her pregnancies.

That’s why he partnered with the Indian Red Cross Society to create Sonu for You, a free mobile app that helps people find nearby blood banks and donation centers. The app also provides information on eligibility criteria and donation processes. Read more about adopt a patient with sood charity foundation.


The SONU FOR YOU APP is designed to connect people who need blood with people who are willing to donate blood. It’s a great way to make sure that blood is available when and where it’s needed.
Plus, the app makes it easy for you to find a blood donation center near you. And it even provides directions so you can get there without any trouble. Moreover, you will find the rare blood groups which are difficult to get our hands on.
So if you’re interested in donating blood, or if you need blood for yourself or a loved one, the SONU FOR YOU app is the perfect resource.

How Does the App Work?

So how does the app work? It’s actually really simple. All you have to do is open up the app, and it will show you all the blood donation centers in your area. It will also give you directions on how to get there, and it will tell you what time the center is open.
Once you find a center that’s convenient for you, just click on it, and the app will give you all the information you need. It will tell you what type of blood the center needs, and it will give you a list of upcoming blood drives.
You can even make an appointment right through the app, and the center will contact you to confirm. Pretty easy, right?

Blood Donation Saves Lives

blood donation
Your blood is important. It doesn’t just circulate through your veins—it helps to power everything in your body. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to survive for more than a few minutes.
That’s why blood donation is so important. It’s one way you can help save somebody’s life. And by donating blood, you’re not just helping one person—you’re helping to create a safe and secure blood supply for the whole community.

So, why not download SONU FOR YOU and make an appointment to donate? It’s easy, quick, and it could save somebody’s life. Donate to save lives!

What Are the Benefits of Donating Blood?

Saving a life is made possible by donating blood. It’s as simple as that.
Each pint of blood can help three people, so your donation can make a real difference. And it’s so easy to do. Simply download the SONU FOR YOU app, India’s biggest blood bank and book an appointment.

It only takes a few minutes to donate, and you’ll feel great knowing that you’ve helped someone in need.


You must have heard of the app ‘SONU FOR YOU’ by now. If not, then let us brief you about it. SONU FOR YOU APP is a campaign run by Sood Charity Foundation, it is a blood donation drive by Sonu Sood.

The app was launched by popular bollywood actor Sonu Sood and India’s biggest blood bank. This association will help in creating awareness about the importance of blood donation and also motivate people to come forward for donating blood.

There is a constant shortage of blood in our country and this app will go a long way in resolving this issue. So, if you are healthy and have no major health issues, do download this app and donate blood whenever required. Society will greatly benefit from your efforts!

DOWNLOAD THE SONU FOR YOU APP and join our hands to save lives!

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