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Adopt A Patient



We all have seen Sonu Sood on the big screen as a big villain who makes life hell for everyone around him. He acts so well that one is convinced that he is a meanie in real life too.
But, truth be told, Sonu Sood is a philanthropist who not only dreams of a better society but is taking steps to build one.

Sood Charity Foundation was founded on 21 July 2020 in the wake of unprecedented hard times seen by the underprivileged during the pandemic. The essence behind this organisation is to help as many people as possible from the poorest of the poor sections of the society. Their initiative ‘ GHAR BHEJO’ resonated with many people who witnessed the great efforts put by Sonu Sood and his team to help displaced migrant workers reach their native villages.

Join our initiative, Adopt A Patient by donating money to provide top- notch health care to patients in need. Many medical procedures like Dialysis treatments, Chemotherapy for cancer patients, surgical removal of tumours, Kidney & Liver Transplants, Knee Replacement Surgeries, Paediatric Heart Surgeries and many more are already being conducted under their supervision. They also donated oxygen concentrators to patients in the national capital, New Delhi, which was one of the worst- affected regions in India. You can get an oxygen concentrator through their chatbot service.

You can read about other campaigns by Sood Charity Foundation and be a part of the change by either donating or becoming a volunteer.
Donate money to Sood Charity Foundation by following very easy and secure steps. Many humanitarian citizens of India joined the movement, especially the youth of India who committed themselves to the great cause by becoming a volunteer at Sood Charity Foundation.


It is a mult- faceted approach to uplift and empower the needy.
One of the many goals of this initiative is to provide top of the line healthcare to the underprivileged. Many Pediatric surgeries, Heart Surgeries, Liver & Kidney transplants, Knee Replacement Surgeries, Bone Marrow Transplants and many more procedures have already been successfully conducted. Proper medications and medical equipment are also provided. In the education sector, more than 34,000 students have been given Prof. Saroj Sood Scholarship.
Rising unemployment is a major concern and SCF is taking concrete steps to mitigate it. They are providing skill training, donating equipment, machinery, e- Rickshaws etc to encourage self-employment. Employment opportunities not only empowers the people, but also gives them a real chance to become a resource for the nation.

Contribute to our cause by clicking on the ‘ADOPT A NEEDY’ button. Jai Hind.

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