About Us

Sood Charity Foundation is an NGO founded by Actor and Philanthropist, Sonu Sood. He has become a household name and a support system for countless families during the Pandemic. His dedication towards the common man propelled him to start various initiatives to help people of all stature. He is passionately leading a dedicated team with a strong vision to continue to serve the masses across the country through his humanitarian endeavours. This includes providing state-of-the-art healthcare, education, employment, and technology advancements. With the help of Sood Charity Foundation, he wishes to initiate a movement that encourages people to join hands towards serving humanity. Sood Charity Foundation has helped thousands of people across the world. The constant efforts of this organization is to raise awareness and provide care for those in need.


Our vision is to lay down a path for the underprivileged by helping them access better quality education, providing career opportunities, and supporting healthcare leading to self-reliance.


Our mission is to transform destitute lives by empowering them with the necessities to lead a healthy and productive life. Towards this our endeavour is to guide them to look beyond their economic limitations. Together we want to create a progressive community by imbibing in people the ability to uplift themselves and providing all means necessary for it.