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SAMBHAVAM 2024-25 meal@51 Kambal Sukoon Ka- Blanket Donation Drive 2023-24 KALA SHAKTI 2023-24 SCF Gallery - Mobile 18-07-23-law-education free implant surgeries - featured image Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship 2022 - mobile banner

About Sood Charity Foundation

We are a young-blooded multifaceted organization filled with immense passion

and a belief that everything is possible with the right amount of determination!

Serving the Masses

Serving the Masses

Providing access to state-of-the-art healthcare, education, employment, and technological advancements to people across the country.

Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness

We are constantly taking measures to raise awareness and provide care for those in need.

Work During the Pandemic

Work During the Pandemic

Our founder, Sonu Sood, became a support system to countless families during the pandemic.

Girls Education

Girls Who Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

Join us and Ignite Change Through Education

Every effort counts

 Contribute to our mission of helping the nation

A Single Step towards
Building Our Future

The work of the Sood Charity Foundation which began with helping migrants reach home has now evolved into multiple endeavours across different fields. However, our journey is not just our own, but of those whose lives we’ve impacted. We hope that we can inspire many more to help improve society. We are on a path of changing many lives, which began with a single step taken by our founder, Sonu Sood.

Accelerate our mission by supporting us

Become a droplet in the ocean of change


We’re excited to announce the launch of SAMBHAVAM 2024-25, a collaborative effort between the Sood Charity Foundation (SCF) and the esteemed Divine India Youth Association (DIYA).

Meal @51

Sood Charity Foundation (SCF) is embarking on a transformative journey this summer with Meal@51, a nationwide initiative to combat hunger and ensure that no one goes to bed hungry.

Kambal Sukoon Ka- Blanket Donation Drive 2023-24

Every year thousands of lives are lost to harsh winters and cold weather conditions. Not all of us are fortunate to stay in the warmth of our homes and the comfort of our warm winter blankets and winter wear.


Meals Provided


Stray Adoption


Families Fed


Migrants Transported

Some Voices That Stand With Us


Contribute towards improving
the future for all


Join us and dedicate your
time to serve others


Self-regulate your aim by
giving back to society