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News & Events


In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, Sonu Sood with Neeti Goel had personally funded the beginning of the programme to send migrant workers back home. They managed to send back 20,000 people to their homes by June 2020. Moreover, they had established the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ initiative, which with crowdsourcing had garnered over 52 lakh rupees in the same period. 

Besides the numerous projects Sood Charity Foundation has started, our team has been working throughout the pandemic to help those in need. We are currently undertaking initiatives in fields such as medicine, education, and employment. During the severe second wave of the pandemic, Sonu Sood had made significant efforts to arrange for oxygen cylinders and hospital beds for many. 
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Recently, Sonu Sood initiated ‘Sanjeevani’ – A Shot of Life. The movement aims to encourage individuals to get the COVID -19 vaccine and raise awareness about the nationwide vaccination drive. In June 2021, our founder announced our newest initiative, ‘Sambhavam’. This initiative aims to provide free IAS coaching scholarships and other resources to aspiring students.