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Online IAS Coaching Classes

SAMBHAVAM: Providing Effective Online IAS Coaching Classes Facilities For The Aspirants

Being an IAS Officer is a dream which keeps millions of students awake till the wee hours of morning. IAS aspirants are not only burning the midnight oil, they literally put their social and family life on hold and invest themselves fully to have a chance at cracking one of the most tough exams in the country. Sambhavam is providing free Online IAS Coaching Classes to IAS Aspirants to crack the toughest exam in history

Have we ever thought about what is the motivation behind this monk-like dedication and why so many students don’t want lucrative jobs in the corporate world and want to become IAS officers?

Being an IAS officer is of great repute because of the esteemed job profile, job security and power to exercise your authority in bringing social reform and give traction in public service.

Civil Services is a very dynamic field which yields a lot of diverse options like taxation, social welfare, rural development, corporate affairs and so on. There is a great learning curve in this field and students who are interested in overall personality development are naturally drawn to this career choice. An IAS officer not only studies problems faced by society at the grass root level but can help the respective ministries to make amendments to the rules which can play a crucial role in the development of the nation. IAS officers play an imperative role in policy making to mitigate the evils of the society.
As glamorous as it sounds, Becoming an IAS officer is an uphill task which requires years and years of dedicated and focussed studies, will power and resilience. Qualities like general awareness, common sense and oration also play an important role in cracking the interview. IAS aspirants spend a lot of time in self study and take IAS coaching classes to cover all their bases.0


The IAS exam is conducted in three stages – Pre, mains, and interviews.

  • The prelims stage has two objective-type papers of 400 marks.
  • The Main has 9 subjective papers of 1750 marks.
  • The interview or personality test of 275 marks.
One has to clear all three stages to become an IAS officer.

It is safe to say that IAS aspirants need a lot of guidance in preparing for this exam and Online IAS coaching classes will surely be the need of the hour. IAS coaching online will not only save their valuable time but also save a lot of energy and funds that will be spent on travelling. The big news is that the countdown has begun and here are the dates for upcoming IAS exams-

As per the UPSC calendar 2023, the UPSC CSE Prelims exam 2023 will be held on May 28, 2023. and The UPSC CSE Mains exam 2023 will be held on September 15, 2023, onwards. The online application for IAS Exam is expected to begin on February 01, 2023.

Sood Charity Foundation, is not any run of the mill charity but it is a labour of love, founded by famous actor Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood’s charity has great affiliation towards education and recognises the need of online IAS coaching classes for deserving students. SAMBHAVAM is one of their most successful campaigns which provides free online coaching classes. Free online IAS coaching classes will help students from weaker economic sections of the society to fulfil their dream of becoming IAS officers and a great resource for the nation.

The selected students will not only get Free Online IAS coaching classes from the top civil services institutes across the country but also will benefit from the mentorship support and prepare themselves fully for the Interview through holistic personality development.

Sood Charity Foundation in collaboration with Divine India Youth Association (DIYA) is very proud that their campaign provides online IAS coaching classes free of cost to students from economically weaker sections of the society and levels the playing field for them.

Aspirants are advised to go through Terms & Conditions before applying.
Jai Hind.

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