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Roadies Season 19

Sonu Sood Takes Charge Of Roadies Season 19

We all remember Sonu Sood’s role in Dabangg as the notorious Cheddi Singh who gave all the villains a run for their money! Dabangg 1 was a roaring success and broke all the box- office records, thanks to the excellent chemistry between Salman Khan and Sonu Sood…or in other words.. Cheddi Singh and Chulbul Panday!

Sonu Sood is back with a bang with television hosting and has been announced as the new host of MTV Roadies Season 19. The news has come straight from the horse’s mouth or I should say, from the stud’s mouth! Sonu Sood took to his social media handles to break this great news for his fans across the globe!

MTV Roadies is easily India’s best reality TV show and is running successfully for the last 18 seasons. The show is known for its unique format and the contestants competing are selected after going through a very tough Roadies audition which is designed to test their mettle in the most entertaining way possible.

After the selection, The contestants compete in various tasks which test their physical and mental make up and the winner is declared the “Roadie.” The show is a huge craze amongst the younger generation and everybody wants to go on this crazy ride full of adventurous tasks, drama, and controversies. All Roadies winners have got an unbelievable amount of fame and that’s the reason this show has not lost its lusture even after 18 years!

The new Roadies season with Sonu Sood is going viral and the name Karm Ya Kaand is creating a lot of buzz and is touted to be the biggest season ever!! The excitement among the fans is palpable and they are making a beeline to give auditions to their favourite actor, Sonu Sood. The actor, who is known for his humanitarian work, has a massive fan following, and his presence on the show is expected to bring a new dimension to the series.

Sonu Sood’s announcement was met with a lot of positive reactions from his fans, who expressed their excitement about seeing him on the show. Many people praised the actor’s versatility and ability to take on diverse roles, from acting to philanthropy, and now hosting a reality show.

Sonu Sood who is known for his humble nature has expressed his gratitude towards the producers of the show for giving him this opportunity. His  excitement to work with the contestants is so genuine and heartfelt. He will surely do a fabolous job in guiding them through the challenges.

A lot of speculation is going on how Sonu Sood’s charitable work and larger than life image will change the show’s direction for good and will inspire the younger generation to be an asset for their nation.  It is being assumed that the show could also incorporate elements of philanthropy and social work, in line with Sonu Sood’s image as a humanitarian.

There is no greater proof of Sonu Sood’s rising popularity than his Sonu appointment as the host of a legendary show like Roadies. The actor has been at the forefront of the relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing medical assistance, arranging transportation for migrant workers, and setting up oxygen plants. Sood Charity Foundation has earned him a massive following and has made him a role model for many.

Don’t forget to tune in for MTV ROADIES Season 19 and donate to his charity now!

Jai Hind.

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