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India has seen leaps and bounds in terms of progress made in healthcare in the past five decades. Still there are many areas which have a lot of scope for improvement, paediatric healthcare being one of them.

With our population crossing 1.2 billion with over 400 million children under 14 years of age. Around 23 million babies are born in India each year and over 6 million die soon after birth. Almost 40% of babies are born prematurely and weigh less than 2.5 kg. About 2% babies are born with congenital malformations, of these 0.01% are serious and require urgent surgical intervention if they are to survive. Sadly, 1.72 million babies die each year before turning one.

Indian paediatric surgeons normally treat congenital anomalies, trauma, tumours, major surgical infections, give prenatal, perinatal and antenatal care. They also provide counselling related to other specialties such as Paediatric Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Gastrointestinal, Traumatology, Oncology from newborn stage to 18 years of age. Paediatric surgeons are heavily trained for precision. One needs to be very compassionate to treat the children.

India can boast of excellent neonatal surgical facilities in the government and private sector too but it is too expensive and many times out of reach for a big section of our society.
The incidence of congenital anomalies is considerably higher in our rural population resulting in high morbidity and mortality.


Paediatric Heart Surgery is done in children to repair heart defects a child is born with, also known as congenital heart defects and other heart diseases a child gets after birth that need surgery. These surgeries are needed for the child’s survival and wellbeing. Some of the common congenital heart defects that can be treated are-

  • Aortic valve stenosis
  • Coarctation of the aorta
  • Ebstein’s anomaly
  • Patent ductus arteriosus
  • Pulmonary valve stenosis
  • Septal defects
  • Single ventricle defects
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
ILAAJ INDIA, a campaign by Sood Charity Foundation, founded by successful Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has joined hands with Ketto.org, India’s most trusted crowdfunding platform for paediatric care to improve the state of medical facilities all across India.
The importance of crowdfunding for the Indian population cannot be denied because this treatment is quite expensive and many people cannot afford it. It is our duty as good samaritans to provide means for treatment for everyone.

Also, these funds can improve the existing infrastructure in many health centres especially in rural areas that are in poor condition and are understaffed. Crowdfunding platforms in India like Ketto.org collect revenue and sponsor free paediatric heart surgeries in India.

Not only that, they also do crowdfunding in India for free COVID testing, telemedicine, delivery of oxygen cylinders, providing hospital beds and much more.

Jai Hind.

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