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“I Am No Messiah” : How Sonu Sood Dicovered His True Calling!

“I Am No Messiah” : How Sonu Sood Dicovered His True Calling!

When humanity is faced by hard- hitting realities like the Covid pandemic, it reveals the true nature of many. We all witnessed a wide range of human emotions on display. There was news doing the rounds on Social Media that some people have resorted to stealing and even hoarding basic amenities like sanitizers, soaps and paper rolls. On the other hand, some people went above and beyond to help others.

India got its own shining beacon of hope and compassion, Sonu Sood. He became a household name after the roaring success of his movie Dabangg but to his own surprise his true calling turned out to be that of being a philanthropist!

His altruistic journey started on the fated day of 15 April 2020 when he went to Kalwa Chowk in Thane to distribute essentials like food,  water, sanitisers etc. to the stranded migrant workers. He soon realised that there was a much bigger problem at hand and these labourers were about to start on an inhumane task of walking to their native villages in states near and far from Mumbai! He leapt into action and successfully arranged buses for 350 people headed to Karnataka. But, he didn’t stop there as it was not just a random act of kindness and he planned to help migrant workers during lockdown.
He built a team who then sent scores of migrant workers by buses and even by air.
He was able to send 12000 migrant workers to their home through his ‘Ghar Bhejo‘ campaign and under his leadership, Sood Charity Foundation was able to make arrangements for another 45,000 people.

“I am no Messiah ” book written by Indian writer Meena Iyer and Sonu Sood himself was published by Penguin Publishers in 2020. The book is a testament to his empathy and compassion. The book also provides a sneek peek into his earlier life in Moga and how he struggled for many years in the South Indian film industry before he made it big there and his subsequent success in Bollywood. 

Sonu Sood’s book took shape under Meena Iyer’s gifted penmanship and is a source of inspiration for its millions of readers. The book includes many heartwarming stories of individuals who, through Sonu’s help, saw hope and found strength to overcome adversities. The book is like a real- life account of struggles faced by these people and how Sonu Sood stuck his neck out for them.

He has also shared how he overcame bureaucratic hurdles, logistical obstacles, and personal sacrifices for the bigger cause. His selfless acts solidifies the fact that even a single act of kindness can create a ripple effect. He inspires others to embrace compassion and contribute to the well-being of our country.

One takeaway for everyone from “I am No Messiah” is the belief that one need not be extraordinary to bring about significant change. Sonu Sood’s iconic journey from a regular actor to a national icon proves that everyone has the ability to make a difference.

The relatable anecdotes and personal reflections penned by Sonu Sood gives readers pure joy and it’s a must read. It is one of the top autobigraphies of famous personalities. I am no Messiah book pdf is also easily available online.
If you are wondering how to donate to the Sood Charity Foundation, India’s most reputed online fundraising platforms, click on the link below.

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Jai Hind.

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