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Sonu sood temple

Fans Build A Sonu Sood Temple In Telangana

Sonu Sood, India’s favourite actor, and a legendary philanthropist, is always doing the rounds in news and Social media for his humanitarian work which started during COVID-19 pandemic and is still continuing strong. Sonu Sood’s social work made headlines when he arranged transportation for migrant workers who were stranded helpless on the roads. Sonu Sood’s fame rose to unbelievable heights as he provided medical assistance like beds, oxygen cylinders, and blood during those dreaded times.

Sonu Sood has since been at the forefront of many relief efforts. Sonu Sood’s charity, Sood Charity Foundation has become a household name and has a huge following.  Now Sonu Sood’s fans have taken their admiration to another level by building a Sonu Sood temple dedicated to him in Telangana.

Locals dedicate a temple to Sonu Sood and this homage was headed by Gurram Venkatesh, a resident of Garlapada village in Khammam district. The temple construction in honour of the Dabangg actor was done by him and his family.

The answer to the question, why fans construct a temple lies in the help he provided to scores of underprivileged people to reach their native villages and his job portal for migrant labourers to get their livelihood back after the pandemic tided over. This job portal,by the name, PRAVASI ROJGAR, is in direct collaboration with several employment providers. So far, over 300,000 job opportunities were made available to blue-collar workers to help them have a stable source of income and have a shot at a better life.

Last year, another temple was built in the village of Dubba Tanda in Siddipet district, featuring a life-sized statue of Sonu Sood. A farmer named Venkat, whose love for Sonu Sood knows no bounds started the temple’s construction on May 7, 2021 and completed it in a record 15 days!  The temple’s inauguration ceremony was attended by the local villagers, who praised Sonu Sood’s work and expressed their gratitude towards him. Farmer named Venkat, who is a die-hard fan of Sonu Sood. 

The locals designed the temple on their own and pooled in money from their limited earnings and worked day in and day out to build this one of a kind temple. The architecture is inspired by South Indian temples and a great deal of hard work has gone in making intricate carvings to decorate the temple walls.

The life-sized statue of Sonu Sood is placed in the center of the temple, and devotees can offer prayers and seek blessings from him. This temple has many visitors from all over the country and has also boosted Telangana tourism.

Celebrity worship is not uncommon in India and temples have been built for many famous personalities, such as actors, politicians, and spiritual leaders. These temples are their way of expressing devotion to their favourite stars.

Also, Sonu Sood temple in Telangana has brought attention to Sonu Sood philanthropy work and has inspired many others to contribute to the relief efforts. The temple is a proof of the positive impact that he has made on people’s lives. These acts of fandom also serve as a constant reminder of the importance of helping others during times of crisis.

Do visit Sonu Sood’s temple on your next trip to Telangana.

We urge you to Donate to Sood Charity Foundation and help him make India a force to reckon with.

Jai Hind.

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