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Healthcare Services

Adopt A Patient And Give Free Healthcare Services To Someone Who Needs It

Universal healthcare services  includes all actions that a government is taking to provide healthcare services to the citizens of the nation. Some governments achieve this by focussing on minimum standards and regulations and others by starting programs that cover all the demographics. They all aim to provide healthcare services for all its citizens.

Developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada etc have had Healthcare Benefits in place for decades now. Officially since 2018, 32 of the 33 developed countries have Universal health care and India is one of them.

If we draw a parallel, treatment costs in government hospitals are far less than as compared to private hospitals. There are many Government medical schemes that cater to the poorer sections of the society and offer free treatment.
Unfortunately, India being the second most populated country in the world, so not every citizen is able to benefit from the free healthcare services. There are many roadblocks in the way of healthcare support services, such as gender, social class, and geography. As per our judicial system, healthcare services are a state’s responsibility. Even after their best efforts, some states are not able to provide free healthcare services to all. Corruption runs high amongst both government and healthcare officials and many needy people are devoid of free medical treatment. Government run hospitals are not always in the best condition, they are mostly understaffed with many basic amenities and equipment missing. A long wait is also one of the most common pain points in hope of getting treatment from there.
India has one of the largest private healthcare systems in the world and is also a world leader in medical tourism but only about 20% comes under public funding. Sadly, it’s the state of healthcare in rural India which is very depressing and in dire need of help. Statistically, 74% of India’s doctors serve in the urban areas. Qualified and well trained doctors are very scarce in the rural areas and hard facts like poor housing, negligible education options, and poor infrastructure does not help the cause. The very fact that children under five in certain rural areas have higher mortality rates than those in cities is an eyeopener.
The Corona pandemic was hard for all of us, be it rural India or urban India. The dearth of beds, oxygen cylinders and medical staff was a nightmare and this is what inspired Sonu Sood to come to aid for his fellow countrymen. Sonu Sood’s Foundation by the name Sood Charity Foundation has started many campaigns in the healthcare sector.

Sood Charity Foundation has since its inception funded many Pediatric Heart Surgeries, Liver, Kidney Transplants, Knee Replacement Surgeries, Bone Marrow Transplants and also provide free healthcare benefits like medicines and other emergency use medical equipment.

We urge you to contribute to this noble cause: Adopt a Patient, your donations will help us in providing FREE HEALTHCARE SERVICES to those who really need it.

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