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What Impact Does the Sood Charity Foundation’s Helping Hands Charity Have?

What Impact Does the Sood Charity Foundation’s Helping Hands Charity Have?

The Sood Charity Foundation aims to improve the lives of underprivileged masses by providing them with the resources required to live a dignified life. A major impact we strive to make through our work is to help the disadvantaged overcome their economic and financial limitations, while developing a sense of human empathy and charity amongst citizens.
While providing quality education, better career opportunities, and a functioning healthcare system are the core tenets of our vision, these are long-term visions of the Sonu Sood Foundation with the goal of making needy individuals self-reliant. However, often in times of distress, marginalised communities might require immediate assistance through charity and donation. For this purpose, Sonu Sood Foundation has initiated the Helping Hands Charity to enable the willing to donate online to charity.

Sonu Sood Social Work

During the COVID – 19 pandemic, Sonu Sood Foundation stood out among the charity foundations in India as it worked relentlessly towards making healthcare provisions for the patients who were affected. At Sood Charity Foundation, we continue to provide assistance nationwide and to individuals across margins. Some of the initiatives we’ve undertaken are – providing free doctor consultations, organising free tests, and the arrangement and timely distribution of oxygen cylinders.

This winter(2023-24), we initiated a Blanket Donation Drive named ‘Kambal Sukoon Ka’, with the objective of providing comfort and protection through donation of blankets to the underserved population before the arrival of the spine-chilling winter weather, thereby saving a few lives. Sonu Sood Foundation has been donating blankets in various geographical locations.

What’s more? You can be part of this initiative too! With your help, we can reach more of our fellow citizens who may otherwise face freezing nights. Consider donating a minimum of Rs.100. Every blanket donated is equivalent to an additional person kept cosy through the winter. You can donate in multiples of Rs.100 depending on how many people you wish to support. Donate online to charity to save a life!

Sonu Sood Financial Help Through Initiatives

Sonu Sood’s philanthropic work includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Provision of free coaching to the aspirants of the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) under our campaign ‘SAMBHAVAM’, law aspirants under “SANKALP” and also, Staff Selection Commission(SSC) for those who dream to work for the prestigious ministries of Government of India;

2. Sonu Sood with Neeti Goel, our first ally, initiated the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ initiative – helping almost 100,000 migrants reach their homes across India using various modes of transportation like buses, trains, and chartered flights

3. Providing free ENT Surgeries to restore hearing capacity through free cochlear implant surgery, repairing eardrum perforations and cleaning all unwanted infections in the ear; Septum or Sinus surgery, or removal of infected tonsils;

4. Scholarships such as the ‘Professor Saroj Sood Scholarship’ for students who seek to complete their higher education and are facing financial constraints. SCF has established partnerships with universities that grant scholarship seats across various streams for deserving candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria.

5. “Sonu for You”:With the motive of becoming India’s biggest blood bank, the ‘Sonu For You’ app enables one to reach out to donors in real-time. Through this app, the donor will be able to reach out to a hospital and donate blood immediately.

How to contact Sonu Sood for help?

In order to contact Sood Charity Foundation, you can write to us at support@soodcharityfoundation.org. If you’re trying to extend support through donations, please use only the official Sood Charity Foundation(SCF) website or its authorised platforms. Donations made elsewhere are at your own risk, and SCF assumes no responsibility for such transactions.

At the Sonu Sood Foundation, we attempt to make a difference wherever we can. However, we need your support to further our cause and materialise the change we wish to see in the world. You can become our partner to promote greater public care by mailing us at volunteer@soodcharityfoundation.org.

Believing in the power that each individual holds in uplifting the society, we run several initiatives across various domains like health, education, livelihood, and disaster management. We have high regard for everyone’s time and effort. Therefore, your volunteer support would be highly appreciated.