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Sood Samaritans Club Unveiling a New Chapter in Helping Others

Sood Samaritans Club: Unveiling a New Chapter in Helping Others

Sood Charity Foundation is a strong guiding light in the realm of Philanthrophy, illuminating the path to a brighter future for those in need. Their recent tweet unveils the beautiful logo of Sood Samaritans Club, an initiative of Sood Charity Foundation. As we all know, the foundation led by actor Sonu Sood is not merely a charity but a catalyst for change and is always tilling the path to a better and stronger nation.

“We aim to have an inclusive approach by involving local communities PAN India thereby strengthening our efforts of serving the underprivileged.

An effort to lend a helping hand to everyone in need across India.”

Their motto has always shone through their numerous campaigns and focusses on providing opportunities in the field of Education, employment and health. 

Sood Samaritans Club hopes to garner more support and carry on doing great philanthropic work for the underprivileged.

Sonu Sood himself being son of a Professor knows the importance of education as a key driver of societal progress, and the Sonu Sood Foundation is actively contributing to this cause. They give many scholarships that provide financial support to deserving students, thereby enabling them to access quality education and unlock doors to a brighter future. Some of them are- KALA SHAKTI, SANKALP, SAMBHAVAM, Free SSC Coaching classes, Free Graduation Scholarships.
He has also started, Prof Saroj Sood Scholarship in the memory of his mother who was a History professor.

Sonu Sood and all the other members of Sood Charity Foundation believe that education is a transformative force, capable of bringing about lasting change. By investing in the academic pursuits of young minds, the Sonu Sood Foundation is sowing the seeds for a more equitable and prosperous India. 

We are all aware of other campaigns under the umbrella of Sood Charity Foundation that help those in need. KAMBAL SUKOON KA, ADOPT A PATIENT, FREE ENT SURGERIES, ILAAJ INDIA and many more show us how magnanimous the Foundation is. They truly believe that good health and good treatment should be everybody’s right. The Sonu Sood Foundation gives us alla chance to be a better human being, a good samaritan. All contributions, big and small are highly valued and carefully vested into the good of those in need.

This blog urges to the readers to contribute to the great cause of Sood Charity Foundation.

#Jai Hind