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art gallery

Sood Charity Foundation Art GALLERY: Where Creativity and Charity Unite to Support Local Artists

An art gallery is more than just a room decorated with paintings and sculptures. It is a breeding ground for ideas that stem from every observer’s interpretation of the exhibited art. As varying perspectives encourage creative thinking and discussion, the walls between artists and audiences diminish, thereby connecting communities to bring about a positive social change. However, there still exists a gap to be bridged between the worlds of artists and communities; creativity and charity.

With a vision of fostering a symbiotic relationship among artists, artisans, art enthusiasts, and charitable causes, we at Sood Charity Foundation have initiated a local artist gallery. Our mission is two-fold: to support local artists and artisans in showcasing different forms of artistic expression, ultimately selling their creations, while simultaneously making their contribution for noble cause count.

Making An Impact with Sood Charity Foundation Art Gallery

Under our initiative, ‘Art With A Heart’, we provide a platform to local artists and artisans to showcase their creative excellence. A significant portion of the proceeds from every sale goes towards supporting underprivileged communities. Each purchase is a step towards social responsibility, demonstrating that art and crafts can transcend aesthetics and drive positive social change. For instance, ‘Art With A Heart’ collaborated with renowned artist Vipul Mirajkar to harness his artistic brilliance for making a social impact. Winning numerous national and international awards, his captivating artwork has graced prestigious exhibitions worldwide.

Thus, in addition to elevating the beauty of your surroundings, an art and craft purchase from Sood Charity Foundation can also help you champion a noble cause by uplifting lives of the underprivileged.

‘Unity In Diversity’: Where Creativity and Charity Unite

At the heart of establishing the SCF Art Gallery, lies the aim to support local artists as well as artisans, acknowledging the diversity within the creative community. This inclusion broadens the scope of an art and culture gallery, encompassing various forms of artistic expression and craftsmanship. Such spaces not only provide room for traditional techniques of art and craft to be re-cultivated in a modern context but also present opportunities for contemporary artists to weave ancient, cultural heritage into an innovative composition.

Creativity and charity are interrelated in their ability to evoke emotions through the narration of stories, besides sparking conversations which catalyse social development. Serving as a ground for intersection of the old and the new, an art and culture gallery goes beyond its aesthetic appeal by celebrating the dynamic interplay between different forms of artistic expression. By making it possible for both – artists and artisans to connect, our art gallery aspires to become a living testament to the diverse amalgamation of art and culture, bridging the separate worlds of creativity and charity through collaboration.