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Law Education and Advocacy to Create Positive Change

SCF’s Sankalp 2023-24: Law Education and Advocacy to Create Positive Change

We all wonder as to how to make our society better and our nation stronger than ever. The two most powerful tools to bring out a lasting and positive change in society are Education and Advocacy.  In the everlasting pursuit of creating a just and equitable India, organizations Sonu Sood Charity Foundation run initiatives like Sankalp 2023 with guidance from Professor Rajesh, founder of VPROV who have dedicated themselves to provide coaching for law education and that too free of cost. Sonu Sood fully understands that law education and advocacy have the full potential to strengthen the legal system of India.


Sankalp 2023-24 is an ambitious initiative by the Sood Charity Foundation whose sole aim is to lay a strong foundation for legal knowledge as it plays the most important role upholding justice, protecting rights, and empowering individuals and communities.

Access to quality legal education equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to clear competitive exams like CLAT and AILET. Sonu Sood’s social work is not limited to providing assistance during pandemics but has deep roots into nation building. SCF’s Sankalp 2023-24 aims to fill a gaping bridge in law education in India by providing scholarships, workshops, and resources to aspiring and deserving  law students especially from economically weaker sections or those who have suffered loss during COVID. By providing law entrance coaching, SCF is not only empowering individuals but also makes the legal profession more inclusive and has greater representation than ever before.

Advocacy is the true catalyst for a positive change. Through Sankalp 2023, SCF is providing law entrance coaching for CLAT and AILET preparation.

A good legal system raises ample awareness about legal rights and issues affecting the nation as a whole with added attention towards the marginalized and vulnerable communities. Students who will become lawyers after taking law entrance coaching from Sankalp 2023 will stand up against injustice and protect the rights of the common man. SCF strongly hopes that it will inculcate a culture of accountable and transparent legal system.

Sankalp 2023 believes that systemic changes can be brought about by collaborating with legal experts, NGOs, and community leaders. Under able supervision of Professor Rajesh, founder of VPROV Sood Charity Foundation is leaving no stone unturned to provide assistance to deserving students who want to join the legal profession. Becoming a lawyer is not just a dream, turn it into reality and register for Sankalp 2023. We urge all fellow Indians who wonder as to how to donate money to Sonu Sood, click the link and join hands with us to make a difference.

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Jai Hind.