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Rising Waters, Rising Hope: How the Sonu Sood Foundation Flood Rescue Team Came in Punjab Floods

The true test of humanity lies in how we treat each other during testing times and natural disasters have challenged communities countless times. Our belief in humanity is restored when we come across acts of heroism, compassion and selflessness. In the recent Punjab floods, due to the coupled action of a surge in monsoon and western disturbances resulting in recording breaking rainfall. The Sutlej and other rivers were flooded and caused landslides, destroyed bridges and roads, washed away vehicles and livestock, and caused havoc to the standing crop. Two week long spell of non-stop downpour resulted in numerous casualties and thousands were evacuated to safer regions. Schools and colleges were closed, flights, trains and power supply was disrupted.

Flood in Punjab touched a cord with Moga- born Sonu Sood and like a true hero he stepped in and motivated flood affected people. In his heart- touching tweet, “ As the floods wreak havoc on the land that raised me, I can’t bear to stand idly by. Punjab, you’ve given me so much, and now it’s time to give back. Together, we’ll weather this storm, rebuild, and emerge stronger for our fellow Punjabis in need. Drop us an SMS on to reach +91 7888675107 out for help.” Sonu Sood Foundation offered flood relief measures. Tima and again, true to his salt, Sonu Sood has risen like a beacon of hope and reiterated faith in humanity.

Punjab, land of five rivers is etched in every Indian;s brain as the bread basket of the nation. It is known for its fertile soil, rich and vibrant culture and the resilient spirit of its residents. On 9th July 2023, Punjab saw severe flooding in not less than fifteen districts like Patiala, Dera Bassi, Sangrur, Ludhaina and more.. Because of disruption in connectivity of roads and communication, scores of people were isolated and needed help. The Sonu Sood Foundation, a family founded organization led by Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, stepped up and launched a heroic rescue mission.

Flood Rehabilitation by Sonu Sood Foundation

The Sonu Sood Foundation can always be counted upon incase of emergencies and like every time, this time too they swung into action as soon as the news of floods started doing the rounds. The prompt recognition of the urgency, Sonu Sood and his able team pumped in resources and manpower to provide relief and conducted rescue operations in the affected areas.

Rescue Operations:The foundation’s dedicated team used boats and other necessary equipment to reach the flood victims and rescued them from precarious scenarios.

Distribution of Essentials: Beyond contribution for flood victims, the foundation distributed essential supplies such as food, clean water, and medical aid to those affected by the flood.

Providing Shelter: Many flood victims had lost their homes and The Sonu Sood Foundation collaborated with local authorities to set up temporary shelters, offering a safe haven for those who had been displaced.

Medical Assistance: Floods often bring with them health risks, including waterborne diseases. The foundation’s medical teams provided much-needed medical assistance to prevent the outbreak of illnesses and ensure the well-being of the flood-affected communities.

Floods helpline number is open 24X7 to provide assistance to flood victims.

We urge all fellow Indians to contribute heartily towards rehabilitation of Punjab.

Donate Now.

Jai Hind.