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Kambal Sukoon Ka

Kambal Sukoon Ka- A Blanket Donation Drive By Sood Charity Foundation

The start of winter is a reason for joy and festivities for most of us. It means dressing to the nines and celebrating auspicious festivals with friends and family. We deck up our homes and market places for the same. We all must have seen a look of despair on the faces of the poor and the homeless during these jolly times. Have we thought, as to what must be the reason for this?

This is because winter is not something they look forward to but a harsh reality of cold and discomfort. Questions like how to donate blankets or how to help the homeless in the winters must have crossed your minds.

Sonu Sood Charity Foundation feels greatly for these fellow citizens and has undertaken Kambal Sukoon Ka- Blanket Donation Drive 2023-24 which aims to spread the comfort and protection of blankets to the underserved populations before the harshest winter weather arrives helping save a few lives. The underlying sentiment of this drive is to provide everyone comfort and security that winter should bring to as many people as poosible.


Sood Charity Foundation, founded by actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood, has been at the forefront of various humanitarian initiatives through their campaigns. It started as a quest to help migrant workers reach their native villages when tranportation was disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The foundation sson enough took upon campaigns to support education and provide healthcare to the underprivileged countrymen. Under the able leadership of Sonu Sood, the foundation has consistently worked towards creating a positive impact on society. The “Kambal Sukoon Ka” Blanket Donation Drive is a testament to their commitment to addressing the immediate needs of vulnerable communities.

The Need for Warmth

As the mercury plummets dangerously in most of the country during the winter months, vulnerable populations, including the homeless and those living in impoverished conditions, face immense challenges. The dire lack of proper shelter and warm clothing not only id greatly uncomfortable but also exposes them to the risk of cold-related illnesses like hypothermia, frostbite, trench foot, or chilblains. These illnesses make the winter season even more challenging than it needs to be. 

1400 deaths due to exposure to cold were reported in India in the last two years. The “Kambal Sukoon Ka” campaign urges all citizens to recognize the urgent need to provide warmth and protection to the needy from the harsh realities of winter.

How to Donate Blanket

If this campaign has touched a chord with you and you want to participate in this Blanket Donation Drive, it is a very simple process and is accessible to everyone. A user-friendly platform where individuals can make monetary donations that will be used to purchase blankets for distribution. The transparency of the donation process ensures that contributors can see the direct impact of their generosity.

Additionally, the foundation welcomes corporate partnerships, encouraging businesses to join hands in making a difference. By fostering collaboration between individuals, communities, and businesses, the campaign aims to maximize its reach and impact, ensuring that no one is left without the warmth they need.

The Impact of Your Contribution

We all must have heard this famous Hindi proverb, “BOOND BOOND SE SAGAR BHARTA HAI”. Even a humble contribution of Rs 100 will enable us to provide blankets  to those in need. Your goodwill andsupport has the power to save lives by providing not just physical warmth but also a sense of security and care. The ripple effect of such initiatives goes beyond the immediate recipients, creating a more compassionate and connected community.

You can donate in multiples of Rs.100 /- depending on how many people you wish to support.

Together, let’s make the season not just festive but truly joyous for everyone.


Jai Hind.