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SANKALP- Everything You Need To Know About Free Law Education

SANKALP- Everything You Need To Know About Free Law Education

“Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world.” As famously quoted by Nelson Mandela, we all agree to the fact that education is a pillar of any progessive society.
In the last seven decades post independence, India is continuously progressing and spending about 3% of its GDP towards primary and secondary education. But, we still have a long way to go. There are lots of blanks to fill when it comes to higher education and Sood Charity Foundation, founded by actor Sonu Sood is playing a key role in rejuvenating and reinforcing the education system of India by providing quality and free law entrance coaching to underprivileged students.

After the roaring success in its first year, SANKALP, under Sood Charity Foundation and in association with Prof. Rajesh, (Founder & Director, VPROV) is happy to announce the launch for the new session of SANKALP 2022-23.
SANKALP is a FREE LAW ENTRANCE COACHING program which aims to fulfill the dreams of getting professional legal education from National Law Universities (NLU’s).
Free CLAT & AILET training will be given to deserving students, with priority to students who lost their parents during the covid and EWS students.



Law is an official rule of a country or state that says what people may or may not do.


Law gives any society a basic framework to function and prosper within boundaries. It is very difficult to survive if there is no law in the state or society.
Law is meant to protect people and property from harm. Without law and order in place, we can’t regulate any state or society. Law is a parameter to survive with dignity and morality. It tells us what our rights and duties are and also decides the punishment for breaking the law.


A society is a heterogeneous place where people of all class, caste, creed, colour, gender, background reside. It is of utmost importance that no bias or difference should be created among these people irrespective of their identities. It creates a homogeneous and conducive environment which can be regulated by a set of laws.
Social change is pivotal for any society and its people as it is a sign of moving forward. Law plays an indispensable role in bringing about social change.


Law plays an important role in levelling the field for all sects of society- people in the position of authority and dominance due to factors like money, power, and status and other groups who are a minority, economically marginalised or oppressed.

The purpose of law is to eliminate all forms of crimes as discrimination, theft, rape, child marriage, corporate crime and many more by bringing legislation and statutes that will help make a difference in the present and the future society.

Our society has been through several ups and downs in the past and law has indeed been helpful in bringing positive changes and have a lasting effect on society and community in a positive direction.


There are many advantages of studying law in India-
  1. It provides a stable and secure source of income. Financial stability is notable as your experience increases.
  2. It is a great stepping stone for many career options like academics, commerce, media, social work, politics and more.
  3. Studying Bachelors of Law enhances your critical thinking, strong reasoning and analytical skills.
  4. Studying law offers you the legal education and qualification to make that significant change and correct defects in the system.
  5. Students of law have awareness regarding rules and regulations and the reasons behind them.

SANKAL, an initiative by SCF offers a golden chance to deserving students by preparing them for the challenging entrance examinations like CLAT which focuses on evaluating the comprehension and reasoning skills and abilities of candidates. With free law coaching, candidates can prepare for aptitude tests and skills that are necessary for a legal education.
Free AILET training helps students to crack the most coveted entrance exams for admission in NLU Delhi.

Be a part of the social change by donating to our SANKALP campaign and uplift and empower students from economically weaker sections and give them a fair chance to come out of poverty and be a citizen of value to the nation.

Jai Hind.

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